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Download Harkisan Mehta's Mukti Bandhan Serial

If you are a fan of Harkisan Mehta's novels, you might be interested in downloading his popular serial Mukti Bandhan, which was adapted from his novel of the same name. Mukti Bandhan is a drama series that aired on Colors TV in 2011, based on the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary sense for business. The serial starred Shiv Kumar Subramaniam, Esha Kansara, Siddharth Arora, Surbhi Zaveri Vyas, Deepti Naval, and Rajeev Mehta in the lead roles.


In this article, we will tell you how to download Harkisan Mehta's Mukti Bandhan serial from various sources. We will also give you some information about the novel, the author, and the cast of the serial.

How to Download Harkisan Mehta's Mukti Bandhan Serial

There are several ways to download Harkisan Mehta's Mukti Bandhan serial. Here are some of them:

  • You can watch the episodes online on [Voot], the official streaming platform of Colors TV. You can also download the episodes using the Voot app on your smartphone or tablet.

  • You can buy the DVD set of the serial from [Amazon] or other online shopping sites. The DVD set contains all 153 episodes of the serial.

  • You can use a video downloader software or extension to download the episodes from [YouTube] or other video hosting sites. However, this method may not be legal or safe, so use it at your own risk.

About the Novel Mukti Bandhan

Mukti Bandhan is a novel by Harkisan Mehta, a Gujarati author and journalist. The novel was published in 1986 and became a bestseller. The novel tells the story of Ishwarlal Motilal Virani, a self-made businessman who rises from rags to riches. He faces many challenges and enemies in his journey, but also finds love and friendship. The novel explores themes such as ambition, greed, morality, family, and social justice.

Harkisan Mehta was born in Mahuva, Gujarat in 1928. He was the editor of a weekly magazine called Chitralekha. He wrote several novels, short stories, biographies, and plays. Some of his famous works include Tarsyo Sangam, Manas Name Gunegar, Jog Sanjog, and Maharathi Karna. He died in 1998.

About the Cast of Mukti Bandhan Serial

The cast of Mukti Bandhan serial included some talented actors and actresses from the Indian television industry. Here are some of them:


Shiv Kumar SubramaniamIshwarlal Motilal Virani (I.M Virani)The protagonist of the serial. A successful businessman who started from scratch.

Esha KansaraDevki Shah/Devki Vaibhav ViraniThe female lead of the serial. A smart and independent woman who marries Vaibhav Virani.

Siddharth AroraVaibhav ViraniThe son of I.M Virani and Charulata Virani. A young and ambitious man who falls in love with Devki.

Surbhi Zaveri VyasCharulata ViraniThe wife of I.M Virani and the mother of Vaibhav Virani. A loyal and supportive woman who stands by her husband.

Deepti NavalChandraprabha Shah/Parimeeta (Devki's mother)The mother of Devki and a social activist who fights for justice.

Rajeev MehtaDalichand (Devki's father)The father of Devki and a simple man who loves his daughter.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you want to download Harkisan Mehta's Mukti Bandhan serial, you can use any of the methods mentioned above. Happy watching!


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